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Physiotherapy At Back2Balance

Musculoskeletal physiotherapists are experts in the assessment and treatment of disorders involving the spine, joints, muscles, ligaments, tendons and nerves.  The aim of physiotherapy at Back2Balance Physiotherapy is to reduce pain whilst restoring function and mobility.  It is important to discover the source of the problem therefore you will undergo a thorough assessment allowing us to treat the cause of the problem not just the symptoms.

You should expect a large proportion of your physiotherapy session to include “hands on” techniques such as joint mobilisations, soft tissue massage and muscle energy techniques, alongside other modalities such as electrotherapy (eg. Ultrasound therapy), acupuncture/dry needling, taping and exercise prescription which may include Pilates exercises.


Pilates At Back2Balance

Pilates at Back2Balance Physiotherapy is provided as one on onegroup or combo sessions. There are a maximum of 3 participants in group sessions.  The sessions will incorporate the use of the reformer, trapeze table (Cadillac), Wunda chair and mat work using small equipment such as the spine corrector, foam roller, oov and the BOSU. Combo sessions combine both physiotherapy and Pilates within the one session with the emphasis on rehabilitation. One on one or group sessions will be tailored to the need of the client; this can be rehabilitation from an injury, pre or post pregnancy or for fitness and toning. Sessions are claimable under physiotherapy on private health cover. Sessions last for one hour.

To participate in group sessions, you will be required to complete two 1:1 sessions. The first session is the initial assessment, this is to find out your goals, to assess your movement patterns, look at your current level of core stability and flexibility and provide you with the basic principles of Pilates. During this session we use Real time ultrasound to look at your ability to contract your core muscles. The second 1:1 session is to take you through the Pilates program which has been created for you.  You are then welcome to join a group session with a maximum of 3 participants.  Your program will be updated as you progress.


Acupuncture/Dry Needling At Back2Balance

Acupuncture or dry needling is offered alongside physiotherapy treatments as an adjunct to physiotherapy.  Acupuncture is based on traditional Chinese Medicine where a fine needle is inserted into specific points within the body to stimulate “Qi” (or chi).  TCM believes that there is energy known as “Qi” flowing through the body and pain is due to stagnation or a blockage of “Qi”.  Energy channels known as meridians are present throughout the body with acupuncture points distributed along.  Acupuncture to the affected meridians stimulates healing and relieves pain by creating and increase in the flow of “Qi”.

Dry Needling is the Western form of acupuncture which is based on the physiological response achieved with evidence based practice to support its use.  Dry needling is used to eliminate trigger points (taut bands) within a muscle.  Trigger points and traditional acupuncture points tend to overlap.

At Back2Balance Physiotherapy Lyndsey trained in traditional acupuncture and has since developed skills in dry needling.  Depending on the condition being treated will depend on the technique used.  Lucy has completed training in Advanced Dry Needling.


Massage At Back2Balance

At Back2Balance Physiotherapy our physiotherapist offers sports and remedial massage therapy.  For those who exercise regularly, sports massage can assist in injury prevention by reducing muscle tension caused by repetitive activity, promoting flexibility and increasing blood and lymph flow.  Techniques that may be used for both sports or remedial massage ma include, deep tissue massage, trigger point releasing and myofascial releasing.

Back2Balance Physiotherapy provides services to Wilston, Windsor, Grange, Newmarket, Alderley, Enoggera, Gordon Park, Lutwytche, Stafford, Everton Park and surrounding areas.