Maintaining your healthy lifestyle.

Keeping you moving

with tailored physiotherapy, pilates & dry needling.

Take positive steps to accelerate your health

Imagine being able to stay active while you’re injured. Being able to stay mobile, without having to give up the sport or activities you love. Being taught how to nurture your body to be the strongest, fittest version of yourself.

Whether you’re serious about sport and have a training injury, have neck pain and headaches from too much time at your desk or have general aches and pains, at Back2Balance Physiotherapy, we can help you keep doing what you love, pain free.

Everyone deserves to have the best functioning body they can – we’re here to help you take steps to achieve and maintain yours.


  • Tired of ‘putting up’ with general aches and pains?
  • Nursing a sporting injury which doesn’t seem to heal? Or repeatedly get injured in the same place?
  • Fed up of having back, neck pain and headaches from spending too long at your desk?
  • Recovering from an illness or operation and need to regain strength and mobility, so you can start doing what you love again?


The Search Stops Here...

Our philosophy at Back2Balance Physiotherapy is to help you stay free from pain and to allow you to achieve your health and fitness goals. We understand the impact of not taking action to improve your health and the positive effect of creating a tailored treatment plan which fits in with your lifestyle and health goals.

From active adolescents to octogenarians, we can build a treatment plan in partnership with you and are here to guide you throughout your journey to recovery.


Partner with one of our experienced physiotherapists as you work to treat your injury and address your health concern or pain point..

Dry Needling

A complimentary treatment to physiotherapy, dry needling is known as the western form of acupuncture. Highly effective in eliminating trigger points within muscles, it’s designed to ease muscular pain.

Pilates/Exercise Physiotherapy

With small, friendly group sizes, these classes incorporate a range of pilates inspired and weight-based exercises to meet your rehabilitation needs. 

Three steps to restoring your health.

The pathway to wellbeing doesn’t need to be hard to navigate. At Back2Balance, it’s a simple 3 step process to start feeling the benefits of a supportive physiotherapy team.

Schedule A Consultation

Simply book an appointment or call our friendly clinic to ask any questions and book an appointment.

Book An Appointment

Receive A Treatment Plan

Receive a personalised treatment plan, based on fixing the root cause of your injury, not just band-aiding a solution. We’ll help you achieve your goals and rid of your pain.

Benefit from ongoing support

We’re here for as long as it takes to solve your health challenges. See the same physiotherapist each time, for continuity every step of the way.

Take Positive Steps To Accelerate Your Health

If you’re looking to prevent injury, manage an existing injury, rid yourself of pain or need pre/post operative support, our clinic Back2Balance can help.

Based in Grange, Brisbane, we’re just a phone call away.