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Our philosophy at Back2Balance Physiotherapy, is to help you stay free from pain, to allowing you to achieve your health and fitness goals. We understand the impact of not taking action to improve your health and the positive effect of creating a tailored treatment plan which fits in with your lifestyle and health goals.

From active adolescents to octogenarians, we can build a treatment plan in partnership with you and are here to hold your hand, throughout your journey to recovery.

Physiotherapy & TeleHEALTH

Partner with one of our experienced physiotherapists as you work to treat your injury and address your health concern or pain point. Feel heard as they work with you to treat your whole body, not just your injury, with hands-on techniques and exercise prescriptions to restore your mobility and function. 

With specialists in sports injuries specialising in CrossFit and triathlon musculoskeletal and spinal injuries as well as general practice, our team can work with you to create a tailored treatment plan, to see you safely and comfortably return to health. If you are unable to attend the clinic our experienced Physiotherapists are also able to provide a comprehensive assessment and treatment plans via Telehealth.

Dry Needling

A complimentary treatment to physiotherapy, dry needling is known as the western form of acupuncture. Highly effective in eliminating trigger points within muscles, it’s designed to ease muscular pain. Our experienced practitioners will place tiny, painless needles into ‘trigger’ points in your muscles or tissue, providing you with relief from muscular pain or stiffness. Often used for sports injuries, our practioners can offer this service as a part of your physiotherapy treatment plan.

Pilates & Exercise Physiotherapy

With small, friendly group sizes (a maximum of 3 people), these classes incorporate a range of pilates-inspired and weights-based exercises to meet your rehabilitation needs. These programs aren’t typical exercise classes, instead are modified to each participant’s personal rehabilitation program and are run by an experienced physiotherapist.

Take Positive Steps To Accelerate Your Health

If you’re looking to prevent injury, manage an existing injury, rid yourself of pain or need pre/post operative support, our clinic Back2Balance can help.

Based in Grange, Brisbane, we’re just a phone call away.