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Our small team is passionate about helping everyone we work with succeed in their personal journey to being able to effectively connect with others and engage in fulfilling communication

Lyndsey Scholes

Practice Principal, APA Physiotherapist

Our principal physiotherapist Lyndsey Scholes has over a decade of experience treating musculoskeletal and sporting injuries. After graduating in 1998 from the University of Salford in England she has worked in a variety of environments in the UK, New Zealand and Australia. Lyndsey opened Back2Balance in October 2011, originally in Wilston, before moving it to the current site patients know and love, in Grange in 2013.

A keen sportswoman herself, Lyndsey commenced her competitive sporting endeavours at the tender age of 6, as a gymnast. Experiencing numerous injuries over the years, Lyndsey’s interest in physiotherapy was sparked alongside a realisation of the importance of proper rehabilitation post injury. Lyndsey has provided physiotherapy services at the London Marathon and to Finchley Cricket Club (Premier League team) in England. She spent 4 years working in Mayfair in London’s most prestigious Personal Training studio and had the privilege of treating many TV personalities, pop stars and celebrity chefs.

With an engaging manner and a hands-on approach to physiotherapy, Lyndsey utilises skills in muscle energy techniques, dry needling and kinesiotaping to compliment a patient’s treatment and rehabilitation. A big believer in clients taking ownership to manage their own recovery, Lyndsey loves working with them to devise a tailored treatment plan, which fits into their lifestyle and ability. With training in Clinical Pilates, Kinetic Link training and strength and conditioning, Lyndsey is able to use a diverse range of techniques to help her clients return to full health.

Aside from physiotherapy, Lyndsey has a passion for CrossFit and hockey and can often be found supporting her 2 children on the sideline of a sporting field. A current student of Masters in Sports Medicine via a Graduate Certificate at Melbourne University, Lyndsey is a believer in being curious and exploring new techniques and medical discoveries.

Louise O'Sullivan

APA Physiotherapist

Louise O’Sullivan graduated from the University of Queensland in 2007 and has extensive experience in musculoskeletal and sports physiotherapy.

Passionate about functional movement, exercise rehabilitation and maximising her client’s potential through strength and conditioning, Louise is an experienced physiotherapist.  An impressive portfolio of physiotherapy services Louise has provided include: City 4051 CrossFit, CrossFit Roar, CrossFit Larrikans, the Qld State Tour Men’s Beach Volleyball squad, the Gold Coast Marathon, The Australian CrossFit Championships as well as being a lead presenter for RockTape and Stick Mobility seminars.

In keeping with the family friendly ethos of Back2Balance, Louise enjoys empowering her clients with knowledge, to enable them to support and self-manage their own conditions or injuries. With a strong onus on achieving client’s goals, Louise is hands on and driven to find treatments which return her clients to full health. Louise is an experienced practitioner at dry needling, clinical pilates, yoga, strength and conditioning, stick mobility and muscle energy techniques in addition to her core skills as a physiotherapist. She prides herself on every client being able to live a healthy, fulfilled life by exploring the world through our senses and tapping into the present moment via movement.

A super keen sportswoman, Louise maintains her health by doing CrossFit, running around the Brisbane River or doing Vinyasa yoga at home.

Melanie Orchard

APA Titled Sports & Exercise Physiotherapist

Melanie qualified as a physiotherapist in the UK and has since completed a Master of Sports Physiotherapy at the University of Queensland. A hugely experienced physiotherapist, Melanie has worked across a broad range of sports including swimming, triathlon, beach volleyball, athletics, dancing, soccer, rugby and netball.

Prior to moving to Brisbane 5 years ago, Melanie lived and worked in London, showcasing her expertise with amateur and professional sports teams such as being a part of the Invictus Games medical team 2014. More recently, Melanie worked at the GC Commonwealth Games as a physiotherapist in the athlete’s village.

Melanie is a keen advocate of injury prevention as well as rehabilitation and works with her clients to restore movement and reduce pain through soft tissue techniques, dry needling, acupuncture and exercise. Melanie has worked within private practice treating a range of musculoskeletal injuries and teaching clinical pilates, always working with clients to try and achieve their goals and ensure they regain pain free movement.
A former professional dancer and keen sportswoman, Melanie uses her anatomical and sporting knowledge to create individualised, sports specific rehabilitation treatment programs.  In her free time Melanie enjoys trail running, travel and spending time with close friends and family.

Cynthia Clarke

APA Physiotherapist

Cynthia graduated with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy from James Cook University in 2012. With experienced gained across both Australia and England, Cynthia has worked in private practice and outpatient musculoskeletal settings and is passionate about educating her patients on their injury.

Passionate about providing both hands on and movement therapy, Cynthia is committed to supporting her patients go back to hitting their goals and loving the life they live. Experienced in treating musculoskeletal and sports related injuries, pre/post-operative care, posture related management and exercise prescription, Cynthia is a popular clinician for a wide range of patients. With further study in Clinical Pilates under her belt, she also enjoys teaching 1:1 and group related sessions.

A keen advocate for an active lifestyle, Cynthia can be found participating in CrossFit, yoga and anything outdoors!

Benjamin Munro

APA Physiotherapist

Born and raised on the north side of Brisbane, Ben was heavily involved both at Padua College where he went to school and at The University of Queensland, where he studied a Bachelor of Exercise and nutrition in 2012. Immediately after graduating, Ben successfully completed his physiotherapy studies at the Australian Catholic University.

Still heavily involved in sport, Ben began working closely with local sporting clubs within private practice. From volleyball, to rugby league, to cricket and combat sports, Ben enjoys working within the local community. As a playing member of Brothers Juniors Rugby League, Ben has a particular interest in the management of shoulder injuries and rehabilitation post ACL injury (conservative and surgical management).

With experience in London, working within both the NHS clinical setting and within his preferred private practice, Ben managed a wide range of injuries both from a sporting and general practice perspective. With a hands-on approach to physiotherapy, Ben enjoys teaching his clients how their body moves and creating tailored rehabilitation programs to help them achieve their strongest body possible.


Practice Manager

Kelly has worked in Aviation for the past 10 years with her most recent experience in Human Factors Training.  This prompted her to study her Bachelor of Psychological Science, of which she is currently completing at Griffith University.  Kelly has extensive experience in the areas of leadership and workplace culture and believes in promoting well-being from within the workplace.

In her spare time, Kelly loves to cook and spend time with her partner and their dog.  She is also a passionate yogi and is currently preparing to complete her teacher training.

Anna Dunstan


Anna graduated from Mount Alvernia College in 2020 where she developed an interest in physical activity and went on to complete a Cert 2 in Sport Recreation and a Cert 3 in Fitness in her senior years. Anna has always enjoyed being active and participated in many different sports growing up. She enjoyed netball, swimming, touch football, running but specifically gymnastics that she began at aged 3 and then competed competitively in until 2017.
Following her departure from gymnastics, Anna became interested in Crossfit training and decided to give it a go as a means to stay fit. Since then, she has obtained her Crossfit Coaching Level 1 and has found a passion for working as a Crossfit coach at her gym. Anna has also been invited to go back to her old high school to work as a fitness coach, creating a positive environment for young girls to keep active and healthy. Anna enjoys learning about exercise and movement and hopes to take on further study in this field in the future.

Martin Collyer


Martin has spent the large part of his life passionately engaged in movement practice of some sort. He began dancing at 9 years old, going on to have a career as a professional ballet dancer.

This eventually brought him to Brisbane to dance with the Queensland Ballet. After retiring from dancing professionally, Martin pursued a long-term passion to teach yoga, which eventually led to him choosing to begin a Bachelor of Physiotherapy at the University of Queensland in 2019. As a part of our friendly reception team, Martin can answer your enquiries skilfully and with a smile.

Martin loves to move and share his love of movement. When he’s not passionately engaged in study, moving or teaching yoga, he loves to spend time, cook and go to the beach with his wife and five-year-old daughter.

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