Telehealth at Back2Balance Physiotherapy

Due to COVID-19 Telehealth is now available for Physiotherapy under Medicare and as of 14th April 2020 some Private Health Insurers.

To be eligible to access your private health insurance you must be:

  • receiving ongoing treatment for a condition which the Physiotherapist has seen you for in the past 6 months
  • If you are a new client or an existing client with a new condition then a Telehealth consultation with a Physiotherapist needs to have been recommended by either your GP or Specialist.

If you have either a chronic disease or have experienced chronic pain for a period of more than 6 months you may be eligible for Chronic Disease Management Plan. This entitles you to up to 5 Physiotherapy sessions per calendar year with a Medicare rebate for a portion of the cost. These are now available to be used in your home via Telehealth. This can be via video link to your phone (if compatible) or home computer. If you are unable to receive this via video a phone call consultation is also available.

How do I access these sessions?

If you are wanting to claim using your Private health insurance, please contact your insurer first to confirm your level of cover.  If you require a Chronic  Disease Management plan please contact your GP (this can also be via Telehealth) and request a referral to see one of the Physiotherapists at Back2Balance Physiotherapy.

Call the clinic on 3352 5311 to book your Telehealth appointment.

How does Telehealth differ from regular Physio and would it be of benefit to me?

At Back2Balance Physiotherapy we are proud of the excellent manual therapy skills our clinicians have. A Physiotherapy consultation in the clinic may involve manual therapy however as part of your consultation we would also provide you with valuable information with regards to the diagnosis of your injury/condition, provide advice and education on the prognosis and send you away with a home exercise program to continue in between clinic visits.

The difference with Telehealth is we are unable to provide the hands on treatment however we are able to teach you how to self release the tight soft tissue structures, educate you as to prognosis the same as if you were in the clinic and teach you the exercises required.

Physiotherapists are movement specialists.  Manual therapy can assist in the short term to relieve pain allowing you to return to activity more quickly however the longer term rehabilitation consists of correcting movement faults/patterns which are treated with prescribed exercise.

Telehealth is not a one size fits all and does not benefit all clients. If we feel that you are not suitable to Telehealth we will let you know and make a plan as to whether an in clinic visit is preferable or whether you require a referral to a different specialist.